RobotCraft 2018 Competitions

In addition to the internship summer programme which comprises lessons, laboratories and even other events, RobotCraft 2018 will be running two robot challenges (competitions) as part of the programme.
The challenges will run publicly, typically in a central open space of Coimbra, and will be a core part of RobotCraft 2018. In the very beginning of the programme, robotcrafters will be randomly clustered into 3 to 5-element teams. Interns will work together throughout the whole 2-month programme with the intent to develop their own mobile robot which will then need to be evaluated under two competitive tasks:

Maze Solving

The maze solving is the traditional perpetual competition of RobotCraft. Robotcrafters need to explore algorithms that allow the robot to navigate until it finds the end of the maze. For this task, robotcrafters will explore wall-following techniques and other biologically inspired approaches using finite-state machines (FSM).

Sumo Wrestling

This 2018 version of RobotCraft debuts sumo wrestling for the very first time! This sumo wrestling challenge features a knockout competition wherein pairs of robots try to push each other out of a ring. Even though this competition is non-destructive, one expects that teams explore the most efficient robot design, actuators capabilities, sensing features and control algorithm, in order to detect and bash the opponent as fast as possible!